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"If you aren't moving forward, you're backing up."

greg cook 2015

July 10, 2015
Greg Cook

This past April when I learned that Google would begin dropping non-mobile friendly websites from its search results, I realized that I needed to revisit this old legacy site that I maintain. After a cursory review I knew that I would have to do a total rework of the html code. There was no easy fix whereby I could simply add a few tweaks or modify the existing layout to make it work with cell phones. So I put it on my list of things to do and finally got to it this past week.


Well, it is Friday morning and while I'm drinking my coffee in my office at home. Reflecting on the work week, I conclude that my little project (forced on me by Google) was actually a blessing. Had it not been for Google's forward thinking and actions, I most likely would have ignored updating and making this site better for a considerable time into the future. Change is one of the constants in the business world and our lives in general, and to think about it, without change, life would be boring.


Personally, I cannot imagine browsing the internet with my cell phone, perhaps because as I grow older my eyesite is not what it used to be. But the analytics that I routinely monitor prove that Google's forward thinking is right. As much as 28% of the traffic to my websites comes from mobile devices today. This brings me to my final thought this morning on my little project that began on Tuesday and was completed on Thursday: If you aren't moving forward, you're backing up. There is no room to tarry.


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